Is This Me?

Is This Me?


Do you ask yourself, is this me?
Do you ask yourself, how did I get here?
In this time of reimagining, The Flames look at who they are and how they fit into the lives they have now.

Is This Me? is the sixth of eight films being released by Tricky Hat and The Flames as part of their latest film series, #DontStopTheFlames. This film is about identity. The Flames have been taking a long look at themselves: are they who they expected to be, or are they content with how others see them? Perhaps they are following their hearts and navigating a new route through their lives…

As part of #DontStopTheFlames, Flames across Scotland, Japan and New Zealand are devising with Tricky Hat associate artists to create 8 films over the next 6 months. Some have been given iPads and training to film themselves, some are being filmed at a social distance, but they are all at home and telling their stories about a new way of living and how they are navigating through this unchartered territory, sharing the raw and real experiences of life at this time.

#DontStopTheFlames is presented by Tricky Hat and The Flames.
This project is supported by Creative Scotland and British Council, facilitated by Scottish Government. The project on the Japanese side is being implemented by PLAY ART! SENDAI for the Sendai Cultural Programme 2020, and is co-sponsored by Sendai Cultural Foundation and Sendai City.