blooming dots for TPAM2021

blooming dots for TPAM2021

blooming dots for TPAM2021

Make a part of your body like a free image in the internet, throw it into the dark sea in the virtual world and exchange it for someone anonymous. In the space-time like pollination of the plant, we try to sympathize with a part of another person’s body and something physically far away.


■ Choreography, direction, and performance: Osamu Shikichi
■ Performer: Kenta Kuroda
■ Producer: Junnosuke Nishi

■ 演出・振付・出演:敷地理
■ プロデュース:Nishi Junnosuke
■ 出演:黒田健太

Venue:a private hotel room in Yokohama(secret)

会場:横浜市内ホテル / 非公開

   [showtime:about 60min]




◯ Osamu Shikichi (choreographer/dancer)
He is mainly involved in performance and dance works using the human body as a medium. He studied at the Berlin University of the Arts as an exchange student, graduated from the Department of Sculpture at Musashino Art University, and completed his master’s degree at Tokyo University of the Arts (New Media). In the impossible of seeing myself from the outside, he creates works that focus on capturing one’s sense of reality through another human being who is materially closest to myself. In the process he is interested in approaching a critical state of a human body, confirming and blurring its boundaries. His recent works are “Happy Ice Cream” (YDC 2020 Competition I / French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers), “shivering mass, loose boundaries” (TPAM 2020 Fringe), MoHE2020 Digital Residency (Japan-Italy-France-Taiwan-Hong Kong Choreographer Exchange Program /Saison Foundation). “The Retreat” (directed and choreographed by Thanapol Virulhakul / TPAM2020 Direction) etc.

◯ 敷地 理  Osamu Shikichi
振付家・ダンサーとして現在は東京を拠点に活動。身体をメディアとしたパフォーマンス作品を主に手掛ける。東京藝術大学大学院修士課程修了。自分自身を客観的に見ることが不可能な中で、自分と物質的に最も近い他者を通して自分の現実感を捉えることを主題に制作を行う。その過程で身体的臨界状態をつくり、それらを確認し曖昧にすることに関心を持つ。YDC2020 Comptetion Ⅰ /若手振付家の為の在日フランス大使館賞受賞。最近の主な活動に「振動する固まり、ゆるんだ境界」TPAM2020 Fringe、豊橋芸術劇場PLATダンスレジデンス2020での滞在制作など。

contact / お問い合わせ
twitter: @osamushikichi

Osamu Shikichi / 敷地理