PS Paid Studio Visits 2020 Art Graduation Class: IV Chan 陳子雯

PS Paid Studio Visits 2020 Art Graduation Class: IV Chan 陳子雯

由Para Site項目經理/助理策展人陳敬元及Para Site實習生梁詠雯主持

陳子雯曾就讀於美國馬里蘭藝術學院(BFA)、倫敦大學金匠學院及中文大學藝術系 (MFA)。她的創作圍繞身體等命題,嘗試透過雕塑和裝置的形式,探討人的原罪和如何淨化,當中涉及各種神話、宗教、地域傳統與禁忌的制約。對於陳氏來說,如果人類不能否認其脆弱軀幹給「存在」帶來無可幸免的悲劇…… 而且,我們還是值得與此共存! 這説法,最終,必定會引申提問有關由身體所產生的種種「矛盾性」。藝術家在回顧自己身體的經歷,同時也探索在藝術實踐中所用的材料及其轉化作用。從充滿着矛盾的身體中,希望可以找出肉體的新潛能。過程充滿了激情、波動及種種沒法預料,最後達至形而上的逾越。

梁詠雯目前正在香港中文大學攻讀文化管理學位,並計劃鑽研文化機構及相關節目製作。 她熱衷於探索文化機構如何成為觀眾與藝術之間富包容性,多元性交流的橋樑, 及盼望日後大眾可以更貼地,貼身地享受藝術。


Co-hosted by Joseph Chen, Para Site Project Manager/Assistant Curator, and Cherrie Leung, Para Site intern

IV Chan has studied in the Maryland Institute College of Art (BFA); Goldsmiths, University of London; and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (MFA). Through installations and sculptures, IV’s artistic interest is rooted in the juxtaposition derived from the complexity of the human body and its soul. For IV, our inescapable and corporeal existence is without doubt a tragedy worth struggling for and coexisting with. Such investigations allow the artist to review her own problematic bodily experiences while exploring the interrelationships between Man’s original sin and their ways of catharsis. Within this purification and purgation, all sorts of ambivalences involving mythology, religion, social traditions, regional taboos, geographic and demographic discrepancies are being explored. Probing this specific arena, namely the “problematic body”, new discoveries and anticipations of the mortal flesh will be expected and examined. Apart from it all, the intensive process of art making and transfigurations of materials are assiduous and humble efforts of the artist in striving for an ultimate metaphysical state of transgression.

About the co-host:
Cherrie Leung is currently pursuing her degree in Cultural Management at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, planning to specialize in Cultural Institutions and Programming. She is passionate about making the arts more accessible to the public by exploring how cultural institutions can be an artistic harbour allowing polyphonic, inclusive critical dialogues.

Headline Sponsor: S. H. Ho Foundation