Thirteenber is a short monologue animation based on the poem “Thirteenber”
written by me.
Thirteenber can be a state of life. Here we experience a strange time. During this
time, we may not feel we are ourselves and we have no way of knowing where
we belong.
Part of Thirteenber is also my feedback on the concept of time and dimensions.
Shadow is the two-dimensional reality of the three-dimensional world, and
three-dimensional is the four-dimensional shadow. If by “time” we mean nothing
more than happening, then everything is time. There is only that which exists in
time. So, if I’m time as well, then I’m infinite.
Starting from the death of a dolphin in the beginning, in order to save it, the main
character opened a gate and entered a journey into a different world, traveled
through it, and started a series of self-talks as he tried to find a solution. In the
end, he looked at the experimental equipment that was broken because the gate
was closed after leaving. The dolphin has not been reborn. However, these are
the final answers. The story begins with the main character talking to the
audiences, and they just look at it. After entering the gate, they become the
adventurers with the main character. Each scene and character will eventually
become the audiences’ own experiences. The style of the animation will still be
weird and childish, but each piece of scattered monologue will become a
dialogue practice when the audiences get along with their emotions in a lonely
dead night.
The animation is about exploring the archetypes, liberation and the possibilities
of everything, finding myself in the loss, and creating the connection between the
world and myself. The appearance of Thirteenber was an arrangement I made for
my own internal renovations. I must encounter a lot of torture in every journey;
however when I look back, although some things have not been resolved, my
mentality can still be as close to detachment as the prisoner regains his freedom.
Each line seems irrelevant, but together they are connected. It’s like my own
scattered pieces were a complete circle before it was broken. After being
reassembled with glue, it is no longer the original shape, but it is always itself. At
the end of the animation, the main character will find out that everything in the
different world is also a patchwork of his own aspects. I am me and I am
countless me.
Thirteenber is my process of constructing myself after deconstruction, realizing
what I look like in the world and my relationship with everything in the world. I
am me. I am not me anymore, and then I am still me. It’s the same but different.
This animation can lead everyone through the journey of re-understanding
himself while feeling me through the work.





I saw the stars on the first day of Thirteenber.

In Thirteenber, I am dead
I will die many times. death is not a one-time thing.
The new self has no different from the old self.

Thirteenber is the experience that transcends all the senses.
I have died many times.
I will be young in the future.

Someone told me that the sun is the projection of the love of all mankind.
If I reach the sun, can I get all the love?

I spent the entire Thirteenber in London.
Maybe the time is not in order.
The last month of Thirteenber is July
I ran to the universe filled with Schrödinger’s cat in Thirteenber.
I am while I am not.
I am right while I am wrong.
I am not sure so I split
into three people, or maybe I have been three people at the beginning.

I saw myself on the first day of Thirteenber.