Miniature Sugar Osechi ( Full Version )

Miniature Sugar Osechi ( Full Version )

Miniature Fondant Osechi Project
( It’s long video, so feel free to fast forward if you like )
Happy New Year Everyone!!!
May this coming year bring you great happiness and smiles.

I am excited to share with my Japanese home country traditional New Year feast called “Osechi Ryori”. In celebration of the New Year, families prepare many delicious dishes especially for this important occasion in which we hope to share in the bounty of good year together.

Some of the items include Vegetable Stews, Pickled Salads, Mochi and many more. It’s a lot of work, so much so, that my mother and her friends divide the the dishes and tasks between themselves so that all their families can enjoy all the great food.

Many of the delicacies are served in beautiful Japanese tiered lacquer boxes called Jubako. Each dish has significant meaning filled with positive wishes and hopes for the coming months; for happiness, for good health, for achievement, for abundance, for long life, for scholarship, for good conditions for planting crops in the Spring and for a successful harvest in the Autumn.

Usually everybody celebrates this Joyful Meal together, sharing with Family and Guests. The celebrating and eating continues for 3 days. ( In earlier years, all the stores would be closed during these days, so this feast would be the only food available to you, kind of like a survival meal, haha. But now-a-days, many stores and restaurants are open – even some on New Year’s Day, so people don’t have to prepare as much of these special dishes and can even enjoy take out food for convenience.)

This year, we couldn’t visit my family in Japan, so I created this New Year’s “Osechi Ryori” in Fondant!!!
( I also made a few Osechi Ryori dishes for us to enjoy eating here, but we really missed seeing the family and enjoying my mother’s amazing cooking skills ).
The fondant Box came out with not-so-perfect edges, this was because the fondant had not dried enough but overall I think it all turned out very nicely! Thank you for allowing me to share this Japanese Tradition with you…
“ Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!” — Happy New Year To You All!!!

Osechi-ryōri (御節料理, お節料理 or おせち) are traditional Japanese New Year foods. The tradition started in the Heian period (794-1185). Osechi are easily recognizable by their special boxes called jūbako (重箱), which resemble bentō boxes. Like bentō boxes, jūbako are often kept stacked before and after use. ( From Wikipedia)�