Live Streaming : galajapolymo

Live Streaming :  galajapolymo

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《 galajapolymo 》

Friday 30th Oct. 8PM START

act: galajapolymo ガラヤポリモ

伊神 柚子 Yuzu Ikami (Vocal)
本藤 美咲 Misaki Motofuji (Baritone Saxophone / Compose / Arrangement)
竹内 理恵 Rie Takeuchi (Baritone Saxophone)
岡本 のはら Nohara Okamoto (Bass)
富田 真以子 Maiko Tomita (Percussion)
高良 真剣 Mahaya Takara (Percussion)












《notification for streaming event》

・The time zone is Japan Standard Time (JST).

・Make sure you have a reliable internet connection. Whenever possible use a hardline ethernet connection.

・Live streaming event can not be rewinded while it is live. Soon after the livestream ends, full video will be uploaded automatically. It takes approx. 5-10 minutes to be uploaded.

・Bluetooth connected speakers/headphones are not recommended because of audio latency – the video and audio will likely not be in-sync.

・This event can be viewed until November 1, 2020 (JST).

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