UPAF2020 Int’l Shorts 海外短編特集

UPAF2020 Int’l Shorts 海外短編特集

(English below) UPAFの大テーマは「生きる・創る・映画」。日本では流通しにくい海外からの短編映画の名作・新作をお届けします。各作品の詳細はhttps://online-upaf.org/portfolio/os_shortfilms/


監督とのQ&Aは10月11日(日)、11:00~(1 時間程度)Q&A参加登録フォームは https://forms.gle/XudtzJkKhPShBWsSA


The big theme of UPAF from the begnning has been “Life, Art, Film.” In our international short film program, we screen the films that reflect the creators’ lives and the films that are normally hard to reach to Japanese audiences. It often means the films from Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Middle East or by the minority filmmakers in the West. For info on each film, visit our fest site: https://online-upaf.org/en/portfolio/jp-short-films/

Please vote for Audience Award. After watching this program, a link will appear. Click and follwo the instructions there.

A live Q&A session with the filmmakers (w/ English-Japanese translation) is on 10/11 (Sun) 11:00AM~ (Japan time). FYI: it is 10/10 (Sat) 10PM NY time; 10/11 (Sun) 3AM London time (sorry). RSVP https://forms.gle/XudtzJkKhPShBWsSA

All the films are with English subtitles and Japanese caption subtitles.