Pretender (English version/英語版) – Official髭男dism (Covered by Sing Sing Rabbit) 【女性が歌う】

Pretender (English version/英語版) – Official髭男dism (Covered by Sing Sing Rabbit) 【女性が歌う】

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【if. また会えたなら (If I Can See You Again)】

【Wear A Mask】


我真係好鍾意日本樂隊Official髭男dism製作的音樂,尤其係這一首。 😍😍😍


I really love the music this Japan band created, especially this one.😍😍😍
So I made my original English lyric version. 😋
Hope you guys like it. 😉
Leave me a comment and tell me how you think about this song

歌詞/Lyrics by Sing Sing Rabbit
Pretender (English version/英語版)

You and I make a love story
But how come I feel so lonely
Even you are by my side
I’m just like a stranger
The sound pops loudly from my soda
And you are just steady on the sofa

You always say you are sorry
This kind of words seems so easy
Why not say “sayonara”?
Why not just get rid of me?
When we are walking down the street
I’m just thinking of
Babe I just can’t hold on anymore
No more….

Why can’t you say that you love me
Why can’t you say that you need me
When I’m hurt, the sky falls
And you just don’t pick up my call
Why are you making me crazy?
Why am I even asking?
Can’t you pretend to be
My one destiny
Though I always know that I’m not meant to be

And I’ll cry
Until the stars don’t shine on you no more
You’re not the one I met before
The one who’ll never left me at the door
Before I was too blind to let you make me
Close my eyes
You are mine….
And I’ll fly
And I’ll sweep all our memories behind
Sakura Street at 99
Our hug, our kiss can never be rewind
Before it’s too late
Before I’ll turn around back to you
Just let me say
It’s time…
It’s time to say goodbye

I cut my hair and walk slowly
I can’t believe it’s so easy
Put you away from my head
The words that you said to me
Looking out from my window
I see the city that’s shining with harmony
Once have you and have me

Now it’s a little bit different
There’s more than fun to happen
When I’m hurt, the sky falls
He’ll be dancing with me in the hall
I’m still a little bit crazy
But I’m not feeling so lonely
You ‘re not the only
So good to be free
Who was I all those years?
Finally it’s me to leave you all behind

To the sun that shines upon our window curtain blind
The ring you bought that blew my mind
The whispers in my ears so soft and kind
And now it’s too late
Because I’ve opened my eyes
And left these memories behind

Sakura 99
Now we gotta leave all memories behind
(Leave all memories behind)

The night falls
The rain pours
Coz’ it’s time
It’s time to say goodbye

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