Lemon Ginger Tea

Lemon Ginger Tea

Lemon Ginger Tea 柠檬姜茶

Details 详细介绍

Treat yourself to a cup of piping hot lemon ginger tea. When made with fresh lemon and ginger root, it will be far tastier than ginger tea brewed from a stale tea bag. It’s a healthy drink that’s great for digestion, with a reputation for being soothing and healing.

Yields: 6 Servings 分量:六人份
Difficulty: Easy 难度:简单
Prep Time: 10minutes 备料时间:十分钟
Cook Time: 25minutes 烹调时间:二十五分钟
Total Time: 35minutes 共计时间:三十五分钟

Ingredients 食材用料

2tbsp lemon juice 柠檬汁
60g ginger root 姜
30g lemongrass 香茅
15g dried chrysanthemum flowers 菊花
5g dried rosemary 迷迭香
5g dried licorice slice 甘草片
1500ml water 水
150g soft brown sugar 软红糖

Instructions 步骤

Pound peeled ginger root, coarsely chopped lemon grass, rosemary and licorice in a stone pounder.
Add water and pounded ingredients into a ceramic cooking pot.
Bring the water to broil.
Add in dried chrysanthemum flowers.
Cover with lit. Turn down the fire and simmer for 5 minutes.
Turn off fire. Steep for 15 minutes.
Strain the tea with a muslin bag.
Dissolve all brown sugar to it.
Add lemon juice and wait for for 5 minutes before enjoy the tea.

Recipe Notes 食谱笔记

Enjoy tea warm or cold. Substitute sugar with honey if you like.

Excerpt 简介

Treat yourself to a cup of piping hot lemon ginger tea. Not only is it super easy to prepare, but it also gives you an array of health benefits.
向大家推荐的一道饮品 – 柠檬姜茶。看似普通的姜茶,喝起来提神醒胃,令人感觉浑身舒畅倦怠顿消。

Recipe Categories 食谱分类
Beverage 饮品

Recipe Cuisines 食谱料理
International 世界

Recipe Cooking Methods 食谱烹饪法
Boiling 煮

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