Preply Introduction Video

Preply Introduction Video

My name is Fumiya.
I was born and raised in Aichi, Japan.
So I am 100%, native Japanese speaker.
I personally have experienced living LA and New York, the United States as an international student so I know how frustrating and hard mastering a new language is. So I can help you with your goals.

I would say I specialize in Japanese daily conversation as well as the grammar lesson.

So if you are thinking of living japan or somehow using the Japanese language in your career, I am perfectly fitting on your journey of mastering your Japanese.

Furthermore, I personally have been having a long-distance relationship with a French girlfriend for over 2 years
So if you need some advice on how to maintain a long-distance relationships or international couples, I am a very good choice for you.

I hope you have a good time in Preply and I hope to see you soon in my





日常会話表現、発音、ビジネスマナーなどをマスターしたいあなた! 私は、あなたの日本語習得にピッタリの先生なので、