Session 18 第十八課: 活在光中 Living in the Light © 2017 by Dr. David Eckman

Session 18 第十八課: 活在光中 Living in the Light © 2017  by Dr. David Eckman



從腦到心相比任何其他小組學習材料和門訓課程,在幾個特別的方面都有所不同。這個改變生命的旅程,不僅僅是關於聖經真理的學習,更是將真理整合到內心。你將發現一個新的能改變一切的視角,因為“我們有怎樣的眼光,就會有怎樣的生活。”從腦到心的學習過程有三個要素: 1)聚焦式聖經教導 2)辨識你的“錯誤圖像” 3)教導和小組討論,幫助我們把神的真理融入生活。




© 2017 大衛艾克曼博士

As we live under the love of our Father, we must realistically understand the influence of sin in our hearts.

Sin affects us internally and it affects the Trinity. We will explore three false beliefs that a person can “buy into” when they are spiraling into sin. Instead of spiraling we are called to be radically transparent with God about our wrongdoing and practice honest confession to him. As we continually experience being forgiven by God, we naturally become more forgiving people. God places great importance on us forgiving other people. When we fail to resolve past hurts by forgiving people who have wrongly hurt us, it causes us serious spiritual and psychological problems. True forgiveness has a deeply profound effect upon the forgiver, turning an internal atmosphere of anger and resentment to one of peace and joy.

Head to Heart is unlike any other small group material or discipleship program. This life-changing journey is not simply about learning the truth of the Bible but integrating the truth into the heart. You will discover a new way of seeing that will change everything because “how you see, is how you live.” The Head to Heart process has three key elements: 1) focused biblical teaching 2) identifying your “false pictures” 3) a design of teaching and small groups that help us to integrate God’s truth.

Experience the life of the Trinity:

-Discover the Father heart of God.
-Experience the empowerment of the Spirit.
-Live out your union with Christ.

Many have gone through the exciting transition of knowing something of God to experiencing everything God intended. We are delighted to welcome you to the Head to Heart journey!
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Copyright © 2017 by Dr. David Eckman