PS Paid Studio Visits: Cheng Ting Ting 鄭婷婷

PS Paid Studio Visits: Cheng Ting Ting 鄭婷婷

Hosted by Priyankar Bahadur Chand and Gala Berger, participants in the Workshops for Emerging Arts Professionals 2020

Cheng Ting Ting currently lives and studies in Norway. Specializing in painting and drawing, she is fascinated by the unique ambience rooted in daily scenery. She recreates narrative from the everyday and illustrates how insignificant experience means to her in her work. Past exhibitions and projects include Recipient Absent, Fall In Fall Out, and The Imaginary Order at Gallery Exit, Very Natural Actions at Tai Kwun, The Pendulant Mass at Galerie OVO, → at Blindspot Gallery, and Imagine there’s no country Above us only our cities in Para Site.

Priyankar Bahadur Chand is a researcher, public health activist, and archivist based in Nepal. He manages the personal archives of Nepali modernist artist Shashi Bikram Shah, which includes nearly six decades of artworks, documents, photographs, and paraphernalia. Additionally, he is a Curatorial Assistant for the Kathmandu Triennale 2020, supporting various research and curatorial requirements. He also co-founded Sickle Cell Nepal, a non-profit organization which works to improve the access to health services for patients of genetic blood disorders in Nepal.

Gala Berger is a visual artist and independent curator living between San José, Costa Rica, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is co-founder of La Ene Museum, an experimental museum based in Buenos Aires, and Immigrant and Urgent spaces. She is currently working in Casa Ma, a feminist activist group in Costa Rica, dedicated to creating cultural value around the work of womxn artists from Central America, the Caribbean and their diasporas.

由2020年新銳藝術人才工作坊參與者Priyankar Bahadur Chand與Gala Berger主持

鄭婷婷,主要從事繪畫及素描創作,現於挪威修讀碩士課程。鍾情於每個日常風景的獨特氣質,其作品圍繞對平凡事物的觀察和敘述,透過重新組合的材料,她整理出個人經歷對自己的一些微薄意義。過往作品見於「收件人不在」、「集合之前 解散之後」、「The Imaginary Order」(Gallery EXIT)、「藏木於林」(大館賽馬會藝方)、「搖曳的重量」(台北十方畫廊)、「→」(刺點畫廊) 及「如果只有城籍沒有國籍」(Para Site)。

Priyankar Bahadur Chand是一名居住於尼泊爾的研究者、公眾健康行動主義者以及檔案員。他現管理尼泊爾現代藝術家Shashi Bikram Shah的文獻庫,該文獻庫包括六十年的藝術品、文檔、照片以及器材。他亦是2020年加德滿都三年展的策展助理,為不同研究及策展需要提供支持。他創立了尼泊爾鐮刀狀紅血球疾病協會,旨在為尼泊爾患遺傳性血液病的人士提供更好的醫療服務。

Gala Berger為一名視覺藝術家及獨立策展人,現居住於哥斯達黎加聖荷西及阿根廷布宜諾斯艾利斯。她共同創辦了La Ene博物館——一家位於布宜諾斯艾利斯的實驗性博物館,以及數個移民及緊急空間。她現任職於Casa Ma——一個位於哥斯達黎加的女權組織,旨在為中美洲、加勒比海地區的女性藝術家及其僑民製造文化價值。